The Facebook Project website aims to provide a variety of audiences resources related to Facebook and other Social-Networking Services.

Facebook Project Wikis

We have several collaborative wikis underway:

Facebook Researchers

If you're a researcher and study Facebook, add yourself. Find others who might share similar interests.

Reference Pool

A somewhat collected and coherrent listing of resources related to Facebook - from formal publications in journals to presentations to websites and blogs.

Feature Index

A listing, history, and user interpretations of the various features and functions of

Quick Facts about Facebook

This page includes a gathering of remarkable facts and information you might have never known about

Interview Excerpts

Excerpts from Jeff Ginger's Facebook Project interview series on the role of Facebook in everyday undergraduate student life. They are organized by both topic and question and link back to the original transcriptions. These may be helpful as a teaching tool for instructors who'd like to provide students with an exercise based on sevearl already completed interviews on a variety of topics.

The Facebook Project @ UIUC - Open-coded Transcription Excerpts


Jeff Ginger has decided to release most of his survey data and interview transcriptions for free to the public. Please refer to the documentation before you take a look at the data or interviews.

The Facebook Project @ UIUC - Data Set and Interview Documentation


Guides for use of Facebook (as a tool or information) by educators, librarians, and researchers.

Research Guidance

Find helpful hints for conducting research projects in the partial log of email discussions and advice.

Related to Facebook

We are still gathering together related groups and researchers and hope to be able to expand this section in the coming months. For now you can see what some of the most prominent researchers are up to. This section also includes a small number of other Facebook-related links.

Related researchers and links
Researchers and others who want to be referenced should click here