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It is also 100% awesome.

Jeff Ginger

Work experience

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Senior Research Scientist,
Adjunct Faculty

College of Education (Educational Psychology)
Illinois Informatics (iSchool)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2020 - present
(1) Supporting Personnel for the NSF National AI Institute for Inclusive Intelligent Technologies for Education (INVITE):

‣ Currently working on the website and media design and development as well as advisory and assistance with project conceptualization and coordination

‣ Anticipated roles starting in Fall of 2023 will include assisting with data management and migration, full-stack development for pedagogical agents and implementation of pilot programs to broaden participation and include underserved learners in school and informal settings

(2) Primary instructor for INFO 333: User Experience in Action, a 100 student online course focused on introducing students to the artistic, technical and social science components of design.

(3) Core Personnel for Project WHIMC, a long-term, large-scale NSF-funded grant:

‣ Multipurpose role included project management and leadership, media production, design and development, curriculum and instruction, as well as computational and social science research

‣ Oversight of several teams of student employees for content creation, research, technical systems, university classes and special projects

‣ Technical work involving server upkeep, updates and systems for automated use analysis, content creation and interaction design focused on improving UX and science realism, IT systems deployment and upkeep, writing and updating code (java) for data collection and curating datasets and information architecture for AI-based education agents (natural language, image analysis, path-finding)

‣ Worked to establish partnerships and coordinate summer or after-school camps and data collection with Fiske planetarium in Boulder, Gold Crown Foundation in Edgewater/Lakewood, InventHQ Makerspace, part of the Broomfield Public Library in Colorado, the Versant Power Astronomy Center at the University of Maine, Whitefield Elementary and Caribou Community School in Maine, and Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center, Glen Oak Community Learning Center in Peoria, Mahomet Middle School and Ridgewood High School in Norridge in Illinois

‣ Collaboration with the Ateneo Laboratory for Learning Sciences in the Philippines to create a mirror of our project as well as variations making use of Minecraft Education Edition

‣ Assisted in creation of a companion Planetarium show and exhibit, as well as associated programming for workshops, events and post-show activities

‣ Feedback, testing and user referral system as well as interactive exhibit for PBS Nova Exoplanet lab

‣ Initiated and orchestrated an Exoplanet World Building Competition in collaboration with Planet Minecraft and Astronomers and scientists from several notable institutions, including the NASA via JPL, Harvard and more

‣ Similar types of assistance with a STEM-C project, a related NSF-funded grant on fostering computational creativity, data science literacy and teaching kids how to program for STEM applications – this work also included assisting in the design of a code comparison tool

CU Community Fab Lab Creative Technology Coordinator

Jefferson County Public Library
West of Denver, Colorado


‣ Assisted in planning, research and development for capacities to enable new technology-related services

‣ Implementation of resources for AV recording, digitization and assistive technologies

‣ Created curriculum and videos to carry out workshops for in-person and online creative technology training

‣ Pushed for stronger and more collaborative security, asset and information management practices

CU Community Fab Lab Director

CU Community Fab Lab
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2014 - 2020

‣ Oversight and guidance of all operations and project teams at both the main fab lab and all remote fab lab locations in CU as well as handling of local and international PR

‣Established the core mission to include education, research and art-entrepreneurship

‣ Leveraged a range of local, state and federal resources to grow staff from three to over twenty, amplified funding ten fold and increased building space allocation by 3 times; quadrupled total level of programming

‣ Continual "lead from the front" style involvement with many operational aspects of the lab, including community engagement, instruction, IT, media, etc

‣ Development and coordination of several Fab Lab research teams and multiple courses, events and grant collaborations

‣ Coordinated summer camp operations since 2014, personally leading and developing several and seeding others; 40+ unique offerings in total, reaching hundreds of youth over the years

Illinois Informatics Institute Program Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty

Illinois Informatics
School of Information Sciences (formerly GSLIS)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2011 - 2020

‣ Proposal, development, execution and evaluation for state and nationally-funded grants (see list below)

‣ Assist with administration and event coordination (such as CU Make and Playful by Design) and student mentoring

‣ Membership in multiple faculty working groups, including Prairie Futures, TIER ED and Playful by Design, with a focus on promoting design thinking and digital literacy education at UIUC

‣ Over 8 years experience developing and teaching numerous Informatics, Information Science and Art Education studio courses on user experience, rapid prototyping and community engagement; directed several independent studies; one or more per semester

CU Community Fab Lab Operations Lead and Community Outreach CU Community Fab Lab
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2012 - 2014

Helped to transition the Fab Lab from a small-scale all-volunteer operation to a hybrid staff-volunteer community-engagement network

Much like running a small non-profit, this job entailed many tasks: (1) program implementation and curriculum development, (2) recruiting and managing staff and volunteers, (3) community engagement and media production, (4) equipment acquisition, upgrades and maintenance and (5) research, evaluation, grant writing and publishing

Center for Digital Inclusion and the Community Informatics Initiative Research Assistant School of Information Sciences (formerly GSLIS)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2008 - 2009, 2012
Assisted with web development and graphic design as well as program development, execution and evaluation with several grants for both the Center for Digital Inclusion and Community Informatics Initiative
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Teaching Assistant

Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Illinois Informatics Institute
Department of Sociology

Program on Intergroup Relations
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2007 - 2011
Courses included (1) Libraries, Information and Society, (2) Community Engagement (GSLIS), (3) Social Aspects of Information Systems, (4) Social Perceptions of the Family, (5) Social Research Methods, (6) Introduction to Sociology, and (7) Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation on Race and Ethnicity
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer and Network Technician

University Housing
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2003 - 2008
Extensive IT technician and user support experience, also included an internship for CDW Corporation
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Web Design and Development

ROC Group Chicago (2003 only)

Numerous University organizations

2003 - 2008
  • Web design, development and support for student, professional and academic organizations


Graduate School of Library and Information Science PhD Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2009 - 2015
Area of Interest: Social and Community Informatics
Dissertation: Capturing the Context of Digital Literacy: A Case Study of Illinois Public Libraries in Underserved Communities
Course work included history and foundations of information science, additional research methods experience (qualitative) and various individual topics of study in social and community informatics: distributed knowledge, ubiquitous learning, IT and the black experience, community engagement, human-computer interaction, geographic information systems, and digital literacy
Department of Sociology PhD Sociology (transferred, incomplete) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2006 - 2009
Masters paper: The Facebook Project: Performance and Construction of Digital Identity
Course work equivalent to a masters with emphasis on science and technology studies, race and ethnicity; classes included social science research methods (ethnography, interviews, surveys, intermediate statistics), classical sociology theory, exploration into individual topics of identity and racism, art interactivity and interface design
Department of Sociology and Computer Science BA Sociology, minor in Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2002 - 2006
Course work and senior projects included digital ethnography, the design of accessible web resources, black leadership + leveraging ICTs and community history and racism in Illinois


Listed in "Ten Notable Dissertations of 2015" by American Libraries magazine

List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent (Fall 2007, Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Spring 2017)



Gold Crown Foundation 2022-present

Teaching facilitators and participants how to use makerspace tools and develop activities for kids

Denver Urban Skate Troop 2021-present

I help to lead an outdoor recreation and informal learning group of over 150 diverse individuals from the Colorado Denver metro region

We are advocates for sustainable and environmentally-conscientious transportation as well as social inclusion and enjoyable fitness

Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab 2011-2020

Volunteered here before I worked here; I still volunteer time well above and beyond my regular workload

I make sure the Fab Lab stays committed to its mission of Public Engagement – this means the lab will always be an equal balance between community outreach, free public access and services for University research and classes

This includes volunteering with the connected community organizations like The Urbana Free Library and Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center for events and workshops

Tap In Leadership Academy 2011-2015

Assisted with various digital literacy workshops, including helping kids to use multimedia equipment to plan, capture and edit video interviews

Preliminary summer camp workshops with the CUC Fab Lab, initial off-site mini-fab lab site

New Hope Academy 2012-2013

Wrote and secured a $3000 grant from the City of Champaign to obtain new equipment and hire someone to teach classes

Developed and led digital literacy workshops (creating videogames, learning computer hardware), rebuilt and setup two computer labs (hardware, software, network, policy)

Community Informatics Club (video overview) 2008-2012

Conducted numerous volunteer and education projects in collaboration with community groups in Champaign county, East St. Louis, and Chicago

The club was key to forming and retaining the Urbana Free Library technology volunteers, conducted workshops like Storytelling in [stop] Motion

Collaboration with the Urbana Independent Media Center - Zine Library, Books2Prisoners, WRFU

Awarded a $2500 grant by UIUC student affairs for outstanding, cutting-edge community service

Various other clubs and organizations at the University of Illinois 2003-2013

Eclectic Design and Research Group, 2011-2013

Social Informatics Reading Groups, 2011-2012

GSLIS Action and Town Hall organization group, 2011

Research Writing Group, 2010-2011

Association of Undergraduate Sociologists, 2003-2008

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, 2005-2007

Beckwith Hall Training and Web Accessibility, Spring 2006

Avalanche alternatives to drinking weekend program, 2004-2005

I am also an Eagle Scout. I renovated a bird sanctuary to make it accessible again back in 2002.

Notable Publications and Presentations


Lane, H. C., Comins, N., Ginger, J. (2023). “Culminating Ateneo WHIMC Event.” Keynote presentation (virtual) for Ateneo University in the Philippines, 03.2023

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CU Community Fab Lab Road Show, numerous dates, events and locations, 2014-2019

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Academic Workshops

Lane, H.C., Ginger, J. (2020). "WHIMC collaboration with ALLS and Arete." Professional development workshop for Ateneo University in the Philippines, 02.2020

Ginger, J. (2018). "Minecraft 3D Printing for Teachers." Professional development workshop for University of Illinois Extension Teacher Tuesdays event, Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell Unit, Peoria, IL, 04.2018

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Twidale, M., Ginger, J. Organisciak, P., Floyd, I., Smith, B. (2013). “Tech Learning Potluck” and “Design Jams in iSchools: Approaches, and examples,” iSchools iConference 2013, Fort Worth, 02.2013

Twidale, M., Ginger, J. Organisciak, P., Floyd, I. (2012). “Design Jam Session: Approaches, Challenges and Examples,” iSchools iConference 2012, Toronto, 02.2012



Supporting Personnel on AI Institute for Inclusive Intelligent Technologies for Education (INVITE) – National Science Foundation (2023-2028) #2229612, with Principle Investigator H. C. Lane, Co-PI's Kristy Boyer, ChengXiang Zhai, Diego Zapata and Jamie Payton - $19,998,746

Core Personnel on Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) - National Science Foundation (2017-2023) “Fostering Enduring Interest in STEM through Exoplanet Education and Interactive Exploration and Creation of Potentially Habitable Worlds” #1713609 & #1906873, with Principle Investigator H. C. Lane, Co-PI's N. Comins and J. Perez-Gallego - $299,949 and $2,738,242

Core Personnel on STEM + Computing (STEMC) - National Science Foundation (2019-2022) “Cultivating Creativity to Integrate Computation and Science Problem Solving in Informal Learning” #1934087, with Principle Investigator H. C. Lane - $530,459

Principle Investigator on Discovery Research K-12 (DRK-12) - National Science Foundation (2017-2019) “Project MAPLE: MAkerspaces Promoting Learning and Engagement.” In collaboration with Maya Israel (Co-PI) and Lisa Bievenue (Co-PI), awarded $669,253

Advisory board and instruction on Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) - National Science Foundation (2017-2019) “Fostering Interest in Science through Interactive Exploration of Astronomy What-If Simulations.” In collaboration with H. Chad Lane (PI), Neil Comins (Co-PI) and Jorge Perez-Gallego (Co-PI), awarded $299,949

UC2B Community Benefit Fund (2017-19) - Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center Teen Tech Learning Lab. In collaboration with Janice Mitchel and Jared Dunn, awarded $24,410

Illinois Learning Sciences Design Initiative (ILSDI) Seed Funding Program (2015-2016) - “Making a difference: Project based approaches to STEM engagement in Middle School.” In collaboration with Emma Mercier (PI), Sharlene Denos, Barbara Hug and University High School staff, awarded $37,000

Advisor for Makers UIUC - CU Make, winners of the 2016 Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellows Award. In collaboration with Joey Lund, Sophia Pipathsouk, Cameron Alberg, Lawrence Elizter and Isak Massman, awarded $825

The Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellow Award (2015) for Open-Source Makerspace Curriculum, in collaboration with The Urbana Free Library. Awarded $1500.

Department of Economic Opportunity and Commerce – Eliminate the Digital Divide (2014-2015). “Digital Literacy for ALL.” In collaboration with Martin Wolske (PI), Lisa Bievenue and the Center for Digital Inclusion, awarded $106,000

University of Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative – Enhancing Economic Development in Illinois with Digital Tech Hub Creativity Studios. “Digital Innovation and Leadership Program.” In collaboration with Jon Gant (PI), Lisa Bievenue and the Center for Digital Inclusion, awarded $300,000

City of Champaign Digital Divide Grant (2012). Written in collaboration with Reverend Nash of New Hope Academy, Champaign in collaboration with UC2B outreach operations, awarded $3000

Community Informatics Initiative Grant for the Institution of Museum and Library Services (2009), assistance with reporting in collaboration with Sharon Irish


Technical Summary

  • Rapid fabrication and modeling: Netfabb, Cura,Simplify3D, Meshmixer, Blender, Sculptris, TinkerCAD, AGIsoft, Arduino and many sensors, Silhouette Studio, SewArt, CNC routing and 3D scanning/printing packages, various tool drivers and interfaces
  • Programming: Java on IntelliJ with Maven and Gradle, Github, open source game modifications (Minecraft, Spigot, Bukkit, Lua, etc) – and a few years ago ArcGIS, Google Maps API, VisualStudio, C++, Drupal, Omeka, Wikimedia
  • Web Development: Responsive HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, php, MySQL, FTP and SSH (WinSCP), Apache, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Emmet, UIkit framework
  • Graphics and AV: Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator; Canva,, Figma, Inkscape, iMovie, OBS Studio, Cakewalk Sonar (DAW), a variety of file converters, MIDI softsynths, wave editors, and vocal adjustment
  • Hardware: Extensive experience evaluating, building and repairing computers, tablets, cell phones and peripherals (i.e. printers, scanners) of all kinds as well as most kinds of makerspace equipment, like lasers and 3D printers
  • Networking: Wireless and wired network administration, cloud and VM solutions, small-scale server applications and remote management
  • Office: Adobe Acrobat Pro, MS Office 365, Sharepoint, Google suite (Gmail, drive, calendar, docs),, Clickup, Zoom, Slack, WebEx, Box
  • Security: Virus prevention, password management, automated backup and image-based lab management
  • OS: Comfortable using Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android, various simple scripting and command line, a little work with virtual machines and AWS instances

“Soft” Skills – often related to the above

  • User experience / interaction / information design, usability testing and accessibility (design)
  • Rapid prototyping and phased-fabrication for varied applications (invention)
  • Teaching, leadership and organization (people management)
  • Qualitative and quantitative social science research techniques (market studies)
  • Critical sociology and divergent thinking skills (cultural studies)
  • Editing, production and promotion (storytelling)
  • Context-based writing, speech and graphic design (communication)

Full Bio

Jeff Ginger is a Postdoctoral Research Associate helping to lead Project WHIMC, What-If Hypothetical Implementations in Minecraft, an NSF-funded research collaboration between University of Illinois/Maine, PBS Nova Labs and the Fiske Planetarium. Prior he was the Director of the CU Community Fab Lab and adjunct faculty at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His work includes aspects of all three missions of the University of Illinois: public engagement, teaching and research.

Jeff draws upon a robust technical, multimedia and social science background, accented by teaching and organizational leadership, and first earned his rabble-rousing reputation as a result of activist research on structural racism as observed on Facebook. His doctoral scholarship and teaching was primarily situated in social and community informatics: deciphering the discourse and effects of the digital divide and Web2.0, critical pedagogy in technology education and contextualized study of human-computer interaction. Jeff’s dissertation focused specifically on the investigation of how public libraries foster digital literacies through community engagement, which ultimately led him to his current work as the director of the Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab, where he lent a critical but optimistic perspective to the study and implementation of makerspaces, particularly by tackling some of its most key challenges, such as cultivating and supporting diversity, a prerequisite to innovation, and sustainably establishing capacity-building technology education services in collaboration with underserved communities.